Follow up/standard visits usually take up to 20 minutes. Upon return, follow up visits first consist of explanation of any x-ray or scan results and information to you about the health of your spine. Any alteration in the treatment plan or need for referral to a GP/specialist due to the results are discussed. Follow up visits may require a few important tests that showed to be positive on the initial consultation, to be repeated in order to monitor your improvement. This will be done each time that you come in to make sure tests become negative over time. Chiropractic treatment is always carried out during these visits.
What to Expect
Upon arrival you will be warmly welcomed by one of our friendly chiropractic assistants, who will assist you in filling out new-patient paperwork prior to your consultation, which may take up to 10 15 minutes of your time. Once this is complete our Chiropractor will take you through to the treatment room. An initial consultation at Essential Chiropractic Clinic typically takes 30 - 40 minutes. During this time a thorough history is taken and your current health situation will be discussed. This is then followed by a comprehensive physical examination consisting of postural assessment, range of motion testing, neurological examination, orthopaedic testing and chiropractic spinal and muscle assessment. From that point, your chiropractor will also look at any x-rays or scans that you may have brought in with yourself, before reaching a working diagnosis.

Following this your Chiropractor will thoroughly explain to you what Chiropractic is, use a spinal model to demonstrate how your neuro-musculo-skeletal system works and how chiropractors carry out their treatments. Once this is done your Chiropractor will move on to explain your examination findings and the working diagnosis in your case and discuss with you whether you are a good candidate for Chiropractic care. How and what type of treatment will best suit you will be explained and from there a management plan, of how long it will take and how often you may need to come in, will be recommended for you.

In some cases the Chiropractor may require x-rays, or occasionally CT or MRI scans of your spine, before reaching the diagnosis. If required, you will be referred to the closest radiology to you. At this point the Chiropractor will make sure to answer any questions you may have, and then with your consent chiropractic treatment will begin.
Treatment is ALWAYS carried out on the initial consultations, unless there are any contraindications or suspected conditions that require further evaluation via imaging before treatment is deemed suitable. Progress is monitored with periodical examinations.
At Essential Chiropractic Clinic, each patient is treated as an individual. We take the time to listen to you, assess and examine you thoroughly and, based on your diagnosis, provide you with the best management plan that is tailor-made for your body. Your Chiropractor will ensure to explain and educate you every step of the way, making sure you are comfortable and well informed at all times. The aim is to restore normal function and balance in your spine and minimise dysfunction after disease or injury, thus improving the quality of life and helping to achieve your health potential. Your Chiropractor will provide you with skilled, gentle chiropractic care and give you rehabilitation, nutritional, ergonomic, and home advice.
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